Netflix's Newest True Crime Series Will Attempt to Answer the Question: Who Drew the Dicks?

Check Out the Hilarious Trailer for American Vandal

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Netflix
Finally, there’s a true-crime doc we can all get behind: American Vandal.

Premiering on Netflix September 15th, the eight-part series recounts the harrowing tale of Dylan Maxwell, a senior at Hanover High School who gets expelled for drawing a bunch of dicks all over the cars in the school parking lot. Though Maxwell is “a known dick-drawer,” he claims his innocence. But if he isn’t the culprit, who is? WHO DREW THE DICKS?!?!

That’s the big question left unanswered in the new trailer for the show, which dropped today. By all appearances, it’s a spot-on satire of a genre launched into the mainstream by Serial, The Jinx and, of course, Netflix’s own Making a Murderer. 

Not to mention, a clear indictment of dudes who draw dicks on stuff.

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