Here's That Tome of Heidi Klum Nude Photography You Asked For

A NSFW Coffee Table Book That's Sexier Than Most

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Rankin
This week, in potentially distracting items to put on your coffee table...

We thought it wise—or unwise, depending how you look at it—to inform you that there is a new book of tastefully scintillating nude photographs of supermodel Heidi Klum forthcoming next month for your browsing pleasure. While it’s been on sale at a few brick-and-mortar shops since May, it’s now available for pre-order online, and ships out to the masses on September 1st.

A little more about these very appealing photos: they were shot by none other than renowned portrait photographer, Rankin. You might know him as the co-founder of the hip British style bi-monthly, Dazed & Confused; you might not. Either way, you should be aware that the man knows how to capture the beauty of his subject in highly compelling fashion.

And that’s what he’s done here, with Klum, across 156(!) pages, juxtaposing iconic images of the supermodel with never-before-seen photographs to provide a snapshot of their working relationship over the past ten years. The result is edgy, contemporary, intimate, risqué and a host of other adjectives that fail to accurately describe nude photographs of Heidi Klum.

Your coffee table might never be the same.
Sam Eichner

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