The Very Best Times to Press Play on Drake's Dad's Latest Jam

Dennis Graham's "Kinda Crazy" Is Perfect For Every Occasion

By Thompson Brandes ·
Last week Dennis Graham, Drake’s mustachioed Instagram-friendly father, released a music video for his extra silky R&B track “Kinda Crazy”. The video, directed by the presumably brilliant Nikeisha Anderson, surpasses family-of-celebrity clichés by basically embracing them: much like his past cameos in Drake’s own videos, Dennis simply seems to be having his fair share of fun with an extremely fortunate opportunity.    

And, hey, the song’s not that bad! It’s smooth and easy with a sexy hook that sounds like something Charlie Wilson wrote after getting back-to-back erections. In fact, it’s such a beautiful song that is so wonderful for so many occasions, that I’ve decided to list some of them off right here for you.

These are the very best, precise moments wherein you must absolutely press play on Dennis Graham’s “Kinda Crazy”. But first, it’s important that you press play right now, because this will all be a lot more fun if you do.  


·      Having sex with someone for the very first time. (This is especially useful if right at the brink of orgasm, you lean in and whisper in the very softest of whispers, “This is Drake’s dad.”)

·      The birth of your first child. (Again, feel free to lean into your newborn baby’s ear and whisper the exact same thing.)

·      Lighting a cigarette on an airplane.

·      Instead of “Happy Birthday”.

·      Driving a motorcycle but with a dog in front so it looks like the dog is driving.

·      Filling your entire apartment with fog from a fog machine.

·      Anytime an officer tells you to “please step out of the vehicle.” (Also, works for “Sir, have you had anything to drink tonight?”)

·      Right before the first bite of a fire soup.

·      Right before lowering the casket at a funeral.

·      During somebody’s back swing.

·      Dropping your kids off at school.

·      Anytime a school principal tells you, “Mam, your son has been expelled.”

·      The moment the bubbles start to get all bubbly in a hot bubble bath.

·      Right at the start of a Game of Thrones episode.

·      Anytime your fiancé’s father shouts, “I don’t ever want you near my daughter again, you hear?!”

·      Delivering some unexpected pregnancy news.

·      When someone opens their laptop and a bunch of porn is still open onscreen.

·      Walking into an Outback Steakhouse.

·      Performing a colonoscopy.

·       Right after anyone, anytime, anywhere asks, “Isn’t that crazy?”
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