A List of Steve Bannon Auto-Fellatio Story Pitches UD Editors Were Too Disgusted to Execute


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1. Could Steve Bannon Actually Suck His Own Cock? Let's Ask a Contortionist and Find Out.

2. So Steve Bannon Sucks His Own Dick...Who Has It Worse, His Mouth or His Dick?: A Debate

3. Steve Bannon Erotic Fan Fiction in Three Vignettes

4. Steve Bannon's Dunkirk Review: "Terrible. I Sucked My Dick the Entire Time."

5. 37 Other Hideous Things Bannon Can Suck

6Interview: Egyptologist David Lorton on Ancient Autofellatio Texts, Bannon and the Limits of Human Flexibility

7. Where There's a Will There's a Way: The Inspirational Tale of Steve Bannon's Explosive Achievement

8. Breitbart Editorial Assistant Tells All: Bannon's Yoga Regimen Revealed

9. Love Thyself: Bannon's Medical Records Reveal Suspicious Procedures 

10. Steve Bannon Can't Even See (Let Alone Suck) His Own Penis

11. Bannon to Scaramucci: "Hell right I attempt to suck my own cock."

12. How One Brave Towel Led a Mass Exodus of Towel-Related Materials from the White House 

13. An Artist's Rendering of Steve Bannon's O Face

14. What Comes Around: Bannon Betrayed By Mooch

15. Analysis: Bannon's Frequent Attempts to Suck His Own Cock Reveal His Hyper-Nationalist Leanings

16. Steve Bannon Asked For Comment, Mouth Full

17. Steve Bannon Is Getting Good At This. Just Ask Steve Bannon.

18. Come On In, I'm Just In Here Sucking My Own Cock: A Steve Bannon Story

19. Report: Pounds and Pounds of Fresh Pineapple Delivered to Steve Bannon's Miami Residence

20. Steve Bannon: Against Marriage Equality Because He Can't Reach His Own Asshole Yet

21. Bannon: I Knew Milk Was a Bad Choice

22. A List of Steve Bannon Auto-Fellatio Story Pitches UD Editors Were Too Disgusted to Execute


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