The Killers' Triumphant New Single Is Just What Your Friday Needs

An Effusive Four-Minute Package of Synth-Rock Goodness

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Gordon Stabbins via Getty Images
It can be easy to forget, sometimes, just how much you like The Killers. At least for me, they’re one of those bands you tend to neglect until one of their songs comes on the radio or someone sneaks “Mr. Brightside” onto the tail end of a party playlist.

Today, they released a second single, “Run for Cover,” off their first album in five years, Wonderful Wonderful, which comes out on September 22nd. It’s a real head-banger of a synth-rock song—meaning it’s a real classic Killers track.
While so many other artists are pushing to reinvent themselves these days—sometimes unnecessarily so—it’s refreshing to find a band still comfortable doing what they do best.

So celebrate the defeat of that disastrous healthcare bill and start your weekend off on the right foot by jamming out to the single below. Then go back and listen to Hot Fuss, because when’s the last time you listened to Hot Fuss?

Sam Eichner

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