A New Gadget That Helps You Putt Like Jordan Spieth

It's Called Tyche. And Together, You're Going to Do Great Things.

By Sam Eichner ·
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Watching Jordan Spieth win the Claret Jug in dramatic fashion this past weekend, it was hard not to notice the 23-year-old’s virtuosity on the greens. As the commentators noted, no matter the length of the putt, you always kind of expected him to drain it. He has that intangible something-extra when he stands over the ball that separates great players from great champions. In other words, he has the exact opposite of the “yips.”

Those who’ve experienced them know that the “yips” is a highly sacrilegious word in golf, second only to “shanks.” That’s because the term describes the anxiety one feels over a putt, which often results in hesitation and a protracted amount of time spent preparing oneself to actually hit the ball.They’re brutally self-perpetuating, too: the more you have the yips, and are aware of the fact that you have the yips, the harder it is to get rid of the yips. Masters champion Sergio Garcia famously had the yips, but mostly it’s a plague that diseases the amateur player.

Enter: Tyche, a high-tech remedy for the “yips” that helps you unlearn your bad habits and regain your touch on the greens. It’s available for pre-order now, and ships out next February.

Tyche consists of a base unit (not unlike a small putting green you’d lay down in your office) that syncs up to a virtual coach who lives on your smartphone. The system will engage you in a series of putting drills, during which the unit’s advanced sensors will track the motion of your stroke and send it to the app, which will adjust the training based on the data. The ball will only be released randomly every few attempts—the idea being that players suffering from the yips can regain the feel of the club and the movement prior to impact.  

Even if you don’t have a case of the “yips,” the Tyche can improve confidence and trust in your putter. And while we can’t promise you’ll be winning any Open Championships in the near future, it should at the very least help you win some money at your next golf outing.

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