10 Thoughts on Last Night's Game of Thrones Premiere

Winter Is Here, and It Brought Some Giant Ice Zombies

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Following last night's much-anticipated premiere, two UD superfans share their thoughts...

Arya Stark's Cold Open of Death

“Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are not safe.” I’m getting this tattooed across my chest tonight—one of the most perfect scenes of dialogue I’ve seen kick off a season of television in my lifetime.

Ed Sheeran
I had an argument with my roommate not ten minutes before the premiere that big name cameos just simply would not work in such a specifically constructed Game of Thrones universe. I was of the opinion that it would take away from the beauty and authenticity of the show’s landscape. Then Ed Sheeran poked his delightful head in to sing the very Thrones-y tune, “Hands of Gold” and it was perfect. I was extra wrong.

Poop Montage!

What was that?! Poor Samwell Tarly. In an episode scarce of sexual, graphic nature, was human shit really their most useful vessel for shock value? Are we glad it happened?

Pull It Together, Jon
Sansa mayyy have had some decent points in that tense townhall meeting. Honor has already gotten you killed once my man.

No Turning Back for Cersei Lannister
There are no more decent shits to give for the Queen of King's Landing. But will Jaime continue to back the tarnished family name?

White Walker Giants
I don’t know, man. Maybe everyone in Westeros really is just super fucked.

—Thompson Brandes

Dany Finally Reaches Dragonstone
A practically dialogue-free scene that captured the importance of that moment beautifully. Potentially my favorite moment of the episode. 

Were Those Hints of RARE Feminism in Winterfell?
I would give my life for Lyanna Mormont.

Surprising Moment of the Episode
The Hound showing true compassion and genuine guilt for the family he once left to die.

Most Random Important Takeaway

Don't eat any soup before watching this one.

—Hannah Kim

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