Text This Number, Receive Art in Return

Yes, That's How This New Service from SFMOMA Works

By Sam Eichner ·
In the latest bid to get people to give a shit about painting and stuff, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art has a new service that allows you to text them and receive pictures of pieces from their vast archive in return.

All you have to do is message the words “send me” followed by words or an emoji representing something you’d like to see (ala, “a mountain") to 572-51, and within seconds you’ll get a response. It’s pretty awesome. Not to mention, a good way to get a quick art history lesson in the moments you'd otherwise spend Tinder-ing or scrolling through Instagram, which, no matter how many pretentious gallery shows suggest to the contrary, is not really art.

Naturally, I tried my three favorite emojis first.

Unfortunately, I only got a response for the last one. 

Next, I tried a few basics.

Then I tried repeating a request for "a city" to see what would happen. On my second try, I was happy to recieve a pretty dope William Eggleston photo.

I also used this opportunity to answer the unanswerable question: "What is art?" The result was an Ansel Adams photograph of Albert M. Bender, who was a patron of the arts in San Francisco. Which is kind of a cop out, if you ask me.

Finally, even though it felt really gross to type, I asked SFMOMA to "send me a woman."

'Vertical and Receding Lines'?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?! Classic art.
Sam Eichner

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