The Riot Feast

You Should Probably Take a Look at Riot Fest’s Pop-Up Restaurant

It’s Got John Stamos-Shaped Butter and Bearded Ladies

By Sarah Freeman ·
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Riot Fest is opening a restaurant tomorrow...

... is a statement you never planned on reading. Yet here you are, staring down the red-and-gold-striped big top of a pop-up inspired by Chicago’s favorite music festival slash carnival.

The Riot Feast is brought to you by, as expected, Riot Fest. And by, less expected, the guys from Saved by the Max. Yes, the former scene of a 1990s time capsule explosion is about to become a culinary freak show complete with a late-night speakeasy frequented by costumed contortionists and a bearded lady. It’s now accepting reservations through September and it looks like this.

It’s best to make yourself comfortable, not only because of the knife juggler eyeing the human-sized bulls-eye, but also because the dining room is made up of one communal table and a few stand-alone tables for (apologies in advance for saying this word) VIPs. It’s there where you’ll feast upon “Openers” such as C.R.E.A.M. (Curds Rule Everything Around Me) and “Headliners” like the Hot Dog in a Hallway.

If you don’t feel like sharing, the bar (aka the “Nosh Pit”) can fix that problem. It offers an a la carte alternative to the family-style dinner and involves anything from Good Good Wings to Taking Back Sundaes.

And puns. Just so many puns.
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