Salvador Dalí’s Getting Dug Up for a Paternity Suit

Shit Gets Surreal

By Sam Eichner ·
Photos: Ulf Andersen via Getty Images (top); AFP/EPA (inline)
A Spanish tarot card reader, claiming she’s the daughter of Salvador Dalí, has led a judge to order the exhumation of the great surrealist painter to take samples for a paternity suit, BBC reports. If she does turn out to be his heir, she’ll be entitled to a portion of his sizeable estate.

A few things going for her:

1) She’s a tarot card reader, which is pretty much the most Dalí-esque occupation a person can have.

2) Minus his signature mustache, they look pretty damn alike.

3) This totally would happen with Dalí’s estate.
Sam Eichner

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