DeKalb Market Hall

DeKalb Market Hall Is Stacked

It’s Got a Katz’s, Ample Hills, Fletcher’s BBQ, Loads More

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Always wanted to yell-type that.

Anyway, Hark! DeKalb Market Hall is open. It’s a sprawling underground Downtown Brooklyn space stacked with some 40-odd vendors—both enticing new spots and familiar names. 

The space is tucked under Fulton Mall, an escalator ride down into a land full of tacos, pierogis and heaping reuben sandwiches. It’s your classic food hall type space, with a few long benches and high-top counter tables to claim, should the weather not be on your side. If it’s nice out, we’d say to head right on back up. All right, now here’s a taste of what you’re working with:

The best $22 pastrami sandwiches in town.
That’s right: the escalators will drop you in front of the second-ever outpost of the New York staple that is Katz’s Delicatessen. It only took 129 years, but they finally fulfilled their dream of being part of a Millenial dining complex.

Pretzel-infused ice cream dotted with Ritz crackers, m&ms, other things.
Ah, Ample Hills. How we love your affinity for strange yet pleasing flavor combinations.

Plates of pork ribs stacked high.
Your friends over at Fletcher’s will come through with the pulled pork, burnt ends and cornbread.

Crepes, of the gelato-filled blueberry cheesecake variety.
Eight Turn Crepe’s got one with fresh blueberries and blueberry reduction, vanilla gelato, whipped yogurt and custard cream. So get that one.

A new seafood spot for glorious grilled octopus rolls.
It’s called Fulton Landing Seafood Company, and it’s where two Brooklynites have joined forces to bring you lobster and/or octopus rolls, fried lobsters and oysters on the half shell.

Some ahi tuna poke with goma shoyu sauce, avocado and ogo seaweed.
You knew you weren’t getting out of here without some poke, this time courtesy of Wiki Wiki.

Other things you’ll probably enjoy.
All of which you’ll find in this slideshow.

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DeKalb Market Hall
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