XO Marshmallow Café

The World’s First Marshmallow Café Is Here

And It Has Marshmallow Tacos

By Sarah Freeman ·
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XO Marshmallow is a name that might sound familiar.

If it doesn’t, perhaps it should.

It’s from a duo of marshmallow people (who are apparently actual types of people) who struck Kickstarter gold once upon a time and are now turning that success into the world’s first marshmallow café. It’s aptly named XO Marshmallow Café and it opens Tuesday, but you can take a peek right here now.

It looks exactly how you’d expect the world’s first marshmallow café to look. Kind of like it was designed by a unicorn. The sugary snow globe of a space comes complete with hot pink booths filled with pastel pillows and inspirational posters that read, “All you need is love and a whole lot of marshmallows.”

They practice what they preach in the form of an all-marshmallow menu. Marshmallow tacos are made with waffle cone shells, s’mores can be gussied up with salted caramel sauce and fluff-filled cones are drizzled with sprinkles. Plus, there’s a display case filled with the quintessential assortment of standalone ‘mallows of the raspberry, bourbon and Nutella variety.

Should all of this make you thirsty, grab a regular latte or locally sourced chai. Or you could always drink a dark roast cold brew laced with s’mores toppings or a toasted marshmallow latte.

Liking marshmallows feels like a bit of a prerequisite here.
Sarah Freeman

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