The Late, Great Adam West Used to Sleep with Up to Eight Women a Night


By Sam Eichner ·
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Last Friday, the world lost the great Adam West, a beloved actor famous for playing ABC's timeless 60s-era Batman.

Little did we know, however, the extent to which the world also lost a downright legendary cocksman.

According to a recent Daily Mail article—because of course this came from a Daily Mail article—new details have emerged about the illustrious sex life of Mr. West.

Reportedly, West and Burt Ward, who played Robin, would have quickies on set in between scenes—while still in costume. Even more salacious is that West, in his prime, supposedly slept with up to eight women a night.

Were this fact to be true, it would certainly launch West into the pantheon of history’s greatest cocksmen.

But is it really plausible?

When did a “night” start for Adam West? Is “night” when the sun goes down or just a generally agreed upon time, like, 5’o clock or 6?

At how many different locations did sex occur? Was it, like, they all just came over to Adam’s house, one after another, greeting each other as they passed, or did he go on a tour-de-butt through Hollywood in the Batmobile he covertly rode off set?

Were there any threesomes? Foursomes? Eightsomes? An eightsome would not make practical sense, and yet, does having sex with eight different women in one night make any practical sense, either?

During how many of these trysts was Adam West wearing his Batman costume?

How late must Adam West have stayed up? Did he drink or stay relatively sober? Was there a premium put on brevity for each sexual encounter, so as to increase the likelihood of more sexual encounters?

How many showers were taken throughout the duration of one of these nights? None? One? Seven?

Would anyone really even want to have sex with this many women in one night? Had this feat ever been accomplished before? Has it ever been accomplished since? Shouldn’t there be a Guinness World Record to keep tabs on this kind of thing?

Was Adam West some sort of sexual demi-god?

What would he have been capable of if Tinder existed in the sixties?

Is the only logical justification for his nightly bouts of octo-coitus the fact that Adam West did not just play Batman on TV, but also actually was Batman?

Yes. Yes, it is.
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