Clever Rabbit

A Vegetarian Wonderland in Wicker Park

That Also Has a Serious Double Cheeseburger

By Sarah Freeman ·
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Roasted carrot dumplings and carrot margaritas.

That’s what they do with carrots at this place. So imagine what the clever chefs at Clever Rabbit can do with some ground beef.

It’s a new veggie-centric-but-not-too-veggie-centric restaurant in Wicker Park, it’s open now, and this is its slideshow.

Indeed, you’ll find a bit more than just crudité on the menu. Although they do have that, and it comes with hemp seed naan. Of course it comes with hemp seed naan.

“I’ll have my roasted beets with blue cheese and a double cheeseburger, please.” One might say. And one might then get exactly that. See, they have an actual burger here with mushrooms and sherry mustard. Pairs well with a non-alcoholic Cottontail with lavender lemonade and aqua fresca. Or one of those carrot margaritas, which are decidedly more alcohol-forward than the former.

And they’re really into the whole rabbit thing. So much so that they covered the bathroom in rabbit wallpaper and outfitted the entryway with moss. They’re also into sidewalk patios and blue banquettes on raised platforms that overlook the bar.

It’s only polite to support their interests.
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