This Is Your Best Chance to See the Titanic

We Mean the Real One. Not the One in the Movie.

By Chris LaMorte ·
Let’s try something for a moment. A little test, if you will.

Are you ready?

Take a deep breath. Deeper. Deeper...

Now hold it.

Hold it.

Hooooold it...

Still holding?

Now, while you’re doing that, we’re going to tell you why.

You’re practicing for next year when you join Dive the Titanic, an incredible journey to the bottom of the sea that will bring you face-to-bow with the most famous shipwreck of all time.

Oh, wait. This just in: you don’t need to actually hold your breath to visit it. You’ll be in a specially designed titanium-and-carbon-fiber submersible craft. Also, we forgot to time you. So just breathe normally now while you continue reading.

First, know this up front: this trip will set you back about $105,000. Which, okay, sounds like a lot for an eight-day trip. But once you consider that the most expensive tickets on the ship’s original 1912 passage would be more than $70,000 in today’s dollars, it’s... okay, still pretty expensive.

Still, you will be doing something that only a handful of folks have ever done—in fact, more people have walked on the moon than have visited this underwater graveyard. The bragging rights alone are worth the price.

Your trip will start in St. John’s Bay, Newfoundland. From there, you’ll be shuttled by helicopter or seaplane to the support yacht, and then head to the precise location in the North Atlantic. You’ll spend some time familiarizing yourself with the trip, talking diving with researchers and crew, maybe learning how to assist with the sonar. After you arrive, and when the weather conditions are just so, you’ll board a submarine craft and plummet 4,000 meters, glide over the ship’s deck, poke around the famous staircase and become humbled by man’s hubris.

But do keep an eye out for any Heart of the Ocean necklaces you may come across.
Chris LaMorte

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