Here’s a Helicopter. Now Go Explore Bhutan.

Mountain Peaks, Hidden Villages and the Occasional Spa Treatment

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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Ah, Bhutan.

The mountain peaks.

The historic temples.

The yaks.

The ability to see all of these things from the comfort of a helicopter.

That’s the promise of Red Savannah’s Scenic Heli-Adventure in Bhutan, an epic six-day journey through (and above) the remote Southeast Asian kingdom, aka the Land of the Thunder Dragon, now available whenever you feel like it.

The first couple of days will find you flying over the temples and rich green rice paddies of the valley of Paro and to a mountaintop monastery accessible only through an arduous mountain path. You’ll even have an opportunity to bone up on your archery skills, since it seems like you never have the time anymore.

From there, it will be swooping over hidden fortresses, remote villages and the occasional yak herd roaming below. Beyond that, you’ll experience guided private tours, excursions and wildlife as you traverse the Himalayas, bamboo forests and glacial valleys.

When not reaching stratospheric heights in a helicopter, you’ll be staying at two Como resorts, which have beautiful traditional touches like hand-painted walls and tiles and hand-knotted rugs. But they’re nice. (As evidenced by this slideshow.) They have spa treatments, massages, yoga and stuff.

In case you decide the yak-herding life is not for you.
Hadley Tomicki

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