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Long, Winding Evenings of Elderflower Gimlets and Black Truffle Gnocchi

That’s What You Go to Ella Elli For

By Sam Eichner ·
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A proper dinner date in 2017 should include the following things:

—Good food.

—Good drinks.

—Exactly one less than one mention of our current political climate.

—Bar-adjacent love seats.

Checking the hell out of all those boxes is Ella Elli, an attractive stronghold for first, second or 17th dates over black truffle gnocchi and other shareable examples of deliciousness, opening tomorrow in Lakeview.

You and yours will make your grand entrance.

See those couches, in the lounge near the Victorian-style bookshelf and fireplace?

You’ll want to occupy one of those, order a couple elderflower gimlets and some prosciutto toast, and loosen up before dinner. Maybe chat about the Cubs. Or the weather. Or, better yet, more date-appropriate topics.

Later, when a semi-secluded booth cut into an arch in the wall opens up, you’ll make the transition from not-quite-dinner to dinner. The menu’s comprised of NorCal-inspired small plates, so you’ll want to share a few: black truffle ricotta gnocchi, grilled swordfish, herbed yogurt-and-harissa lamb scottadito. Any (or all) will do.

Of course, you can always forgo the whole “actual table” thing and requisition one of those two love seats at the bar.

Someone should’ve invented those things a long time ago.
Sam Eichner

Sam Eichner likes literature, reality television and his twin cats equally. He has consistently been told he needs a shave since he started growing facial hair.

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