A Sort-of-Speakeasy From the Meatball Shop Guys

Use It for Post-Dinner Bourbon Drinks (and Maybe Some Fondue)

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Fade in:

You’ve just finished a delicious meal of various meatballs with someone who also appreciates various meatballs. Things are going well, on account of the shared interests and abundance of meatballs. Your date inquires if you have anything in mind for the rest of the evening. You stand, knowingly, and take her by the hand, leading her past a neon meat grinder...

And into Sidepiece, a half-hidden cocktail spot next to the newest Meatball Shop, open now in Hell’s Kitchen.

They’ve got drinks like My Morning Coffee (bourbon, walnut liqueur, cold brew syrup, absinthe), build-your-own highballs with almond or turmeric, and tiki-like drinks with many neon straws, if that’s your thing.

We’d go on about the space and food, but we’d like to do so while also giving you a look at the place.

Let’s do that now.
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