Vegas Has Weeknight Parties, Too. These Are the Best.

A Journey of Unabashed Fun, From Sunday to Thursday

By Sam Eichner

Don’t know about you, but we refuse to confine nocturnal revelry to the 48-odd hours between Friday evening and Monday morning. It’s not fair to Tuesday. Or Sunday, even. Or you. So today, you reclaim the rest of the week with this most convivial slate of non-weekend parties. Because whoever said watching a DJ pull large objects with his nipples at an exotic tiki bar was just a Saturday thing was misinformed...

SunDrais at Drai’s Nightclub

SunDrais at Drai’s Nightclub

The Scene: High on a roof. Higher on hip-hop from celebrated DJs and full concerts by famous rappers. Perilously low on accordion solos and not having fun.
Keywords: Panoramic Strip skyline, puns, Fat Joe, pool-adjacent ambience.

Flawless Mondays at Jewel

Flawless Mondays at Jewel

The Scene: An intimate celebration heavy on locals featuring big (big) name DJs and the industry-serving folks who make Vegas tick the rest of the week.
Keywords: Champagne, Tiësto, brutal heels, a keen sense of gratitude, where did all the tourists go.

Industry Tuesdays at Hyde Bellagio

Industry Tuesdays at Hyde Bellagio

The Scene: A not-unattractive crowd of influencers, celebrities, you and yours on the dance floor, getting down to a live performance or DJ while the fountains of Bellagio do their thing in the background.
Keywords: Dancing people, dancing models, dancing water, general dancing.

Ladies’ Night at the Golden Tiki

Ladies’ Night at the Golden Tiki

The Scene: A fever dream of shrunken celebrity heads, mummified warriors, Disney artifacts and gratis punch (for ladies), featuring a DJ named “The Baron” who spins old-school records and performs party tricks with his nipples.
Keywords: Dole Whip, tiny parasols, overproof rum, surf punk, fire, aureole.

Wednesdays, 8pm-midnight, no cover, The Golden Tiki, 3939 Spring Mountain Rd, 702-222-3196

Throwback Thursdays at LAX Nightclub

Throwback Thursdays at LAX Nightclub

The Scene: An unabashedly joyful celebration with a nostalgia-inducing lineup of live performers (Salt-N-Pepa, Tone Loc, Vanilla Ice). Tonight, you can catch Wreckx-n-Effect doing their thing. Next week is Arrested Development.
Keywords: People who remember the ’90s, people born in the ’90s, ironic overalls, rhythmically nodding your head, “Rump Shaker.”

Sam Eichner

Sam Eichner likes literature, reality television and his twin cats equally. He has consistently been told he needs a shave since he started growing facial hair.

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