Curious, a Chef’s Playground

The Chef Here Doesn’t Know What She’s Making Until the Morning Of

So You’ll Just Have to Trust Her

By Sam Eichner ·
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Now open in Ukrainian Village for your dinnertime consideration: Curious, a Chef’s Playground.

Please, join us as we break it down, word by precious word.

The “Curious” Part: Well, this probably refers to the globally influenced menu, rooted in the Midwest, which features a handful of entrées, a few shareable snacks and a couple of desserts each night. It changes daily, at the chef’s whim. The other night, she made Malaysian lamb shank, Indian lentil curry and chocolate-covered peanut butter pecan balls. What she’ll make tonight is anyone’s guess. (Although Facebook is a strong resource...)

The “a” Part: Nothing to see here. “A” is just a necessary grammatical article.

The “Chef’s” Part: That would be Laurel Khan, formerly of Mackinaws and Tru. It’s not an exaggeration to say she goes to bed each night not knowing what she’ll make the next day. Which is part/all of the fun. Laurel runs the entire house and kitchen, so feel free to go back there and say hello before gorging yourself on her food.

The “Playground” Part: It’s the open kitchen, technically. But it’s also the homey, BYOB dining room, with no bottle limit, low-hanging mood lights and a cool-looking mural.

Here comes the slideshow, right on cue...
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Curious, a Chef’s Playground
2020 W Chicago Ave
(between Hoyne and Damen)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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