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Just a Few Ways You Could Use This New Italian Marketplace

By Sam Eichner ·
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Our city has its fair share of Italian fine-dining establishments. And Italian pizza. And Italian subs.

Our city has a lot of Italian things.

But until now, it did not have something like this: Tuscan Hen Market.

It’s your new one-stop shop for, yes, all things Italian, from homemade pizza dough to garlic-rubbed beef sandwiches, and it’s currently open in North Center. Take a look around. Here’s a menu, too.

And here comes the part where we present you with some scenarios, all of which involve food that tastes really good.

Say it’s cold outside and you’d rather eat in...
You can pick up some of the proprietor’s kale pesto and homemade pasta—ranging in flavors from white wine saffron to garlic thyme—prepare dinner and make your date happy to be your date.

Say you require a hearty weekend breakfast...
They have scones and other Italian pastries from an esteemed local baker, as well as a salami-and-fried-egg breakfast sandwich. “Hearty weekend breakfast” was code for “you’re hungover.”

Say you’re easing into your New Year’s resolutions...
Swing by for lunch and grab a spinach salad with roasted sweet potato and goat cheese.

Say you just want a really good sandwich...
They’ve got made-to-order garlic-rubbed Tuscan beef sandwiches, capreses and grilled pancetta BLTs.

Sorry for mentioning resolutions back there.
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