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Heads Up: You’re Hosting Breakfast in Bed This Valentine’s Day

So Here’s the Coffee, Scone-Muffin Hybrid and Questlove-Approved Jam You’ll Require

By Ilana Dadras ·
A0de543a61035f6ba74083ae70916d499 PhotosHeads Up: You’re Hosting Breakfast in Bed This Valentine’s Day
Of all the thoughtful gestures to be carried out on the February day that demands such things, only one of them involves gently waking a significant someone by presenting them with a tray full of unexpected breakfast pastries, beautiful egg cups and jam made from Questlove’s favorite fruits.

So it’s really the only one that matters.

To help you achieve the above scenario, we’ve tucked everything you’ll need into this collection of deliverable breakfast-in-bed essentials. Inside you’ll find Russ & Daughters bagels, scone-muffins that are apparently called “scuffins” and other items that’ll make your recipient smile and think, “Wow, [your name here] has great taste in breakfast foods, and that’s what I look for when evaluating relationships.”

So let’s get to it.

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