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From Food Truck to Midnight Curry Fry Depot...

This Is the True Story of Dmen Tap

By Sam Eichner ·
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Dönermen was a highly successful food truck, roving around our fair city with European-style kebabs, curry fries and German maté soda. There was only one problem: Beer.

They didn’t have beer.

Such is the shorthand version of how Dmen Tap came to be. It’s the punk rock brick-and-mortar iteration of that most reputable meat mobile, and it’s open now in Avondale. You can find pictures here.

To recap: you now have a cozy watering hole with all of Dönermen’s mainstays (pork/veal currywurst, chicken gravy poutine...), plus new rice bowl options, draft beers, wintry Old Fashioneds and grappa drinks with Metric coffee.

We can see you coming here any night of the week, really, and posting up at the small bar with a friend or two. There may be some candles. It’ll be nice, in a not-romantic way.

If all you require is a midnight snack to go with your libation, you might try the curry fries, smothered in their homemade sauce.

But if you require something more substantial, go for the Döner Box: it’s their spicy, yogurt-y, spit-roasted chicken kebab, deconstructed over a bed of fries, greens or rice.

Easily the least pretentious deconstruction you’ll hear about all day.
Sam Eichner

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Dmen Tap
2849 W Belmont Ave
(between Francisco and Elston)
Chicago, IL, 60618


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