WonFun and 2Fun Chinese

A Two-Story Chinese Playground on Randolph Row

Come for the General Tso’s Chicken Wings, Stay for the Karaoke

By Sam Eichner ·
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Just for a moment, pretend we’re a fortune cookie.


“You will soon enjoy foie gras fried rice and General Tso’s chicken wings before singing karaoke on Randolph Row.”

Wow, what a moment.

But now that it’s passed, let’s proceed to where you’ll be doing those things: WonFun and 2Fun Chinese.

The former’s the 60-seat Sichuan restaurant, the latter’s the upstairs karaoke lounge, they’re both open now, and this is a slideshow.

Let’s break it all down...

Who You’re With
WonFun: Family, friends or a festive mix of the two.
2Fun: That same group, post-dinner. Or a particularly outgoing first date.

Where You’re Sitting
WonFun: Under about a billion (give or take a billion) red paper lanterns in a red leather booth.
2Fun: Around a bar below a 60-foot paper dragon. Unless it’s your turn for karaoke.

What You’re Eating
WonFun: That foie gras fried rice, those General Tso’s chicken wings or, if it’s a special occasion, the full Beijing-style duck dinner.
2Fun: In the near future, they’ll have a dim sum cart. So, dim sum.

What You’re Drinking
WonFun: Their house beer brewed with Sichuan peppercorn, the tap for which is a plastic dragon that literally roars when pulled.
2Fun: Sesame-infused gin shots and/or a Chinese-grain-alcohol-and-mezcal drink called Shanghai Sky.

Probably “and” if you’re singing karaoke.

Sam Eichner likes literature, reality television and his twin cats equally. He has consistently been told he needs a shave since he started growing facial hair.

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