The Flamingo Rum Club

A River North Cabaret Lounge with Over 100 Rums

It’s Like 1920s Havana in Here

By Sam Eichner ·
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And now, a few inspiring words to raise you up from your post-Thanksgiving slump:

Burlesque. Daiquiris. Giant brass flamingos filled with rum.


Excellent. You’re now looking forward to the Flamingo Rum Club—a Havana-inspired cabaret lounge where bartenders light drinks on fire and nightly performers sing, dance and wear less clothing than they would elsewhere. It opens December 7 in River North, you can make reservations now, and here’s a preview of the action.

You’ll know you’ve arrived once you see a mural of flamingos covering a brick building at Wells and Ohio, because that’s an unordinary thing to see. From there, things only get

Seated in a dark-green leather booth under an art-deco-style chandelier, you may watch as a burlesque dancer shimmies down from the second-floor stage toward your table.

You may look on as a bartender fills a brass flamingo with a rum concoction before lighting it on fire.

You may notice a rum cart with vintage decanters on it. They have over 100 kinds of rum, and you can pluck full bottles off of said cart.

You may snack on mini Cuban sandwiches and salsa-verde-topped oysters.

Hell, you may even have a daiquiri.

Which isn’t so much unordinary as it is delicious.
Sam Eichner

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The Flamingo Rum Club
601 N Wells St
(at Ohio)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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