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Mezcal, Seafood Towers and the Hurling of Sharp Objects in the Loop

Here, Have a Swanky English Dart Bar

By Pearl Plotkin ·
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The British are coming…

… to the Loop.

... with darts.

It's okay, though. They only want you to hurl sharp objects at circles while drinking mezcal and eating short rib. Indeed, London-based Flight Club is now open next to its sister bar and leisure haven, AceBounce. Take a look around.

Enter this massive, two-level space and you'll be welcomed by a playful, 1900s English fairground vibe via vintage patio stools, decorative tabletops and quirky wallpaper.

Though it's open for lunch and dinner every day, this place intends to turn darts into a full-blown evening activity. The ground floor has three playing areas called "oches" (rhymes with hockey, naturally), which you can reserve and play all day or night.

But at some point, you'll also want to head upstairs where you'll find floor-to-ceiling windows offering sprawling views of the Chicago River in a sort of modernized English pub-y environment. You'll have an additional 11 oches up there surrounded by leather, banquette-style seating for your group. So that's fun.

And while you're up there throwing things around, consider a cocktail like the Butterfly with citrus vodka and orange blossom honey. Or a chocolate-y one like the Feathered Serpent with mezcal and crème de cocoa.

Meanwhile, back downstairs, Chef Rick Gresh's menu will be coming to life in the form of things like Creamy Sexy Mushroom Flatbread and the 40-day, dry-aged and dry-roasted short rib. Oh, and seafood towers.

They serve seafood towers in dart bars, right?

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