See Iceland the Way It’s Meant to Be Seen

That Is, from a Helicopter, a Rolls-Royce and a Saltwater Infinity Pool

By Chris LaMorte ·
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Let’s talk Iceland. Why not. Everyone else you know is these days.

The views are stunning, they say. The thermal baths—just amazing, they gush. The heli-skiing, unparalleled, they gush some more.

Oh—and the sheep farms! The old sheep farms are incredible, they rave.

Wait. That’s you raving about the sheep farms.

Ah, you must have been to Deplar Farm, the best time you’ll ever spend on a onetime livestock ranch (you’d never guess by looking at it), now taking reservations.

It’s located in a valley in a place called Troll Peninsula (nicer than it sounds). Apparently, one day someone looked up at the mountains and thought you’d probably have a lot of fun if you put skis on and slid down them. So they started a transformation.

Now, it’s a place where someone will whisk you via Rolls-Royce to the lodge. You’ll be given drinks, a gear fitting and a massage when you arrive. You’ll need it. You’ll be busy.

Soon, you’ll find yourself in a helicopter, then gliding down that 3,000-foot mountain, then feasting on a multicourse meal, then hanging out at a bonfire, then watching the northern lights from a saltwater infinity pool, then exploring lava caves, then having après-ski in a hot tub, then...

Well, we’re not sure, you’ll think of something.
Chris LaMorte

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