This Is the Best Hike Through Italy We’ve Seen Lately

It Involves Wine Walks, Hidden Grottoes and Sleeping in a Castle

By Chris LaMorte ·
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Hiking is reserved for the rugged.

It’s for those who require a few simple necessities: a sturdy pair of boots, a nice glass of chianti, a Gothic castle in which to rest their weary feet and a little fortitude.

Give or take the fortitude.

That’s if you do it this way: Italy Hiking Discovery, a new 16-day multicity adventure through the Italian splendor from Discover Your Italy Tours, taking reservations now.

Yes: it’s a big, long trip. But there’s so much to see. (Hence, this slideshow.) We’ll give you some of the highlights below, and ways to prepare:

In the Amalfi Coast, you’ll... Take a private boat to the island of Capri, take a quick swim, visit hidden grottoes, climb the Path of the Gods to sniff out hidden caves.
Get ready by: Figuring out what a cave smells like.

In Rome, you’ll... Explore the ruins of Pompeii, have lunch at wine estates, crane your neck up at that Sistine Chapel.
Get ready by: Taking neck yoga classes.

In Chianti, you’ll... March through vineyards, poke into countryside hamlets, drink wine made at an all-female vineyard, sleep in a castle.
Get ready by: Bingeing on Game of Thrones.

In Liguria, you’ll... Hike up the craggy five-mile Cinque Terre, learn the secrets of good pesto, have a pleasant encounter with a waterfall.
Get ready by: You were born ready.
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Italy Hiking Discovery
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