Ready Your Thighs: Here’s a Particularly Intense Chile-Patagonia Bike Tour

Though Hot Spring Soaks, Kayaking and Chilean Wine Make It All Worthwhile

By Ilana Dadras ·
None 12 Photos On the Trail of Southern Giants in Chile + Patagonia

“I’m currently out of town.

“I’m off biking through the lava fields and bamboo forests of South America, stopping occasionally to soak in hot springs and sample tasty Chilean wines.

“Talk soon,
“[Your name]”

That above is every email you’ll send for 12 beautiful-albeit-immensely-physically-challenging days this coming winter. (But a leisurely stroll through this slideshow is rather easy.)

Because here’s On the Trail of Southern Giants in Chile + Patagonia, an epic 12-day bike adventure that’ll take you more than 1,200 miles: from the volcano region of Chile to the towers of Patagonia’s Torres del Paine, stopping to sleep in lodges, family-run hotels and the occasional geodesic dome. It’s booking now for next year’s journeys—the next available one is coming up this February.

To be clear, this trip is for the bikers amongst us—or anyone prepared for back-to-back-to-back days of serious exercise, planned by someone who knows the scenic lands of South America better than you. If this sounds like a thing you’d do, prepare to race up, down and through dirt roads, native bamboo and araucaria forests, and moss-covered lava. When you’re not mountain biking, you’ll be doing things like kayaking in icy blue waters at the base of Grey Glacier and taking five-hour hikes to the most Insta-worthy mountaintops of Patagonia.

All of which should have you more than ready to partake in the trip’s leisure activities. Like soaking in geothermal hot springs surrounded by waterfalls, partaking in a barbecue dinner with locals and sipping an array of Chilean wines.

Everyone loves a good leisure activity.
Ilana Dadras

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On the Trail of Southern Giants in Chile + Patagonia
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