The Latest Travel Accessory: A Personal Drone Cameraman

A Guy Who Worked on Star Wars Is Your New Photographer

By Chris LaMorte ·
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The camera pans over a brilliant sapphire-blue sea. As it moves down, a magnificent 85-foot yacht sails into frame. Continuing its descent, the camera shows PROTAGONIST and ALLURING COMPANION on deck. PROTAGONIST is very tan and relaxed. ALLURING COMPANION applies sunscreen to PROTAGONIST’S BACK. Camera gets closer. Big reveal: PROTAGONIST has been YOU all along.

Cue: music swell.


That incredibly short screenplay made possible by Drone the World, a new service that sends a drone photographer on vacation with you.

Black Tomato—a reliable go-to agency for when you get the bug to hike Icelandic glaciers or commune with elephants in Thailand—is now working with experts in the field of robotic aerial photography to capture such memories. They’ve recruited top talent from the low-budget indie movie and zine worlds—Star Wars; James Bond movies; National Geographic. (These photos may impress you.)

To start rolling, you and your drone cameraman figure out where you’re going, what you want filmed, your most flattering angles, etc. After that—well, just go do what you normally do when, say, skiing in Mongolia, assured that when you get home, you’ll receive a video memento of your trip that would make Warren Miller envious.

Now, sure, this may be seen as a luxury. But if you’ve ever sat in an Icelandic geothermal spring, holding a glass of champagne in one hand and a selfie stick in the other...

Let’s just say it’s not a good look for anyone.
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