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Checking In on All That Hype Surrounding GT Prime

Sure, There’s Sizzle. But What About the Steak...

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The Place: GT Prime. After teasing us since 347 AD (give or take a month), the Boka Group and chef Giuseppe Tentori have finally opened their take on the steakhouse.

So firstly, congrats if you picked GT Prime for the first week of September in the office restaurant-opening pool.

And secondly, was the wait worth it? Let’s see...

The hype: We’re not like all those other steakhouses you’ve met before, baby.
The reality: That’s what they all say, baby. But this checks out. You barely need a steak knife. Meat arrives neatly sliced on the plate. You can select four- or eight-ounce portions to mix and match cuts. The phrase “16-ounce” appears nowhere on this menu. This is still Chicago, right?

The hype: It’s like a Brothers Grimm fairytale chalet set in the Swiss Alps.
The reality: Lots of wood paneling. Some faux-fur seats in the bar. Hand-carved bench seating. Three-horned taxidermy. Not one yodeler. Basically, just a conversation-friendly dining room and some good energy in the open-kitchen-slash-bar.

The hype: Order the Carnivore.
The reality: Everyone’s already talking about this enormous meat sampler. Too obvious. Try the tomato stuffed with lump crab and dotted with caviar-size beads of balsamic. No one talks about balsamic caviar.

The hype: You won’t need a second mortgage to eat here.
The reality: You still can expense-account your clients here. You can woo your dates here. You can still afford the Uber home afterward.

And we don’t mean the Uber X.


GT Prime
707 N Wells St
(between Huron and Superior)
Chicago , IL, 60654


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