Music Museums Worth Your While

Soon, You’ll Tour Prince’s Estate. For Now, Here Are Seven Other Museums Dedicated to Music Legends.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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Paisley Park is almost ready for your visit.


And when Prince’s home and recording studios open their doors, you’ll be able to check out his wardrobe, hear some rare tunes and just generally revel in his creative genius.

We’re stoked on it, too.

And in light of its imminent opening, we spent some time thinking about other musical acts so loved that their life and work warranted a museum dedicated to its namesake. And then we rounded up our favorites and put them in a slideshow we’re calling Music Museums Worth Your While.

These are the establishments dedicated to the Bob Marleys, the Ramones, the Johnny Cashes of the world. The establishments filled with their treasures. And Grammys. And childhood guitars. And holographic projections of past performances. And other things.

In sum: get in here.

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