Some Supremely Beautiful Burning Man Installations

A Look Back at the Most Wild Art to Hit Black Rock City

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Somewhere in the Nevada desert, a 168-foot-long dragon shoots six-foot-high jets of flames from its spinning head.

Nearby, a glowing canopy of umbrellas emits sounds of a nonexistent thunderstorm.

A roving octopus enters the scene, each of its eight arms shooting fire.

So it goes at Burning Man, where large-scale, oft-interactive art installations have been known to populate the playa.

And in light of this Sunday’s event kickoff, we’ve rounded up our favorite art to have hit the desert in years past. It’s all right here, in this slideshow we’ve dubbed Some Supremely Beautiful Burning Man Installations, because that’s what they are.

Hey, you sort of have to see this stuff...
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