Frank Ocean. Wolfgang Tillmans. Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Somehow, They All Come Together in This Week’s UD Five

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here are five things that UrbanDaddy editors will be getting into this weekend. We call it... the UD Five.

Wolfgang Tillmans: Device Control
“Wolfgang Tillmans is mainly thought of as a photographer, and I love the way he mixes visual weirdness with sensuality. It made sense that he shot Frank Ocean for the cover of Ocean’s Blonde. But I didn’t know much about his musical side. That’s changed: Ocean co-opted his techno song ‘Device Control’ in toto as the seven-minute coda to his other new (visual) album, Endless. So if you want to hear what some aural weirdness sounds like—without all the Frank Ocean prelude—download the Device Control EP, which includes the title track, plus the track ‘Make It Up as You Go Along,’ already gaining attention with this remix by Salem.” —Chris LaMorte

Goddamn Comedy Jam
“Great name. Greater concept: five comedians take the stage to do a short comedy set that somehow leads into the big punch line, which is, wait for it... them singing a live cover song with a full-on backing band. The teaser shows former (sadly) SNL-er Jay Pharoah taking his already noteworthy impression game to a whole new level by nailing a spot-on Skrillex bass-drop synth shriek. (That will make more sense, and be all the more impressive, if you watch the clip above.) Anyway, the hour-long special premieres this Sunday on Comedy Central and has other funny people (Pete Davidson, Adam Devine, Jim Jefferies, Natasha Leggero) taking their turns. Should be good television.” —Najib Benouar

“As an on-again, off-again outdoor sports enthusiast, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a new show calledAdventure Capitalists premiered Monday night on CNBC. It’s basically Shark Tank meets [insert any action-sports-related reality show here]. The first episode found the investors (one of whom is former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones, naturally) vetting a motorized stand-up paddleboard, a smart helmet and some tent with a windproof exoskeleton. The best part is that they’re doing the field tests and negotiations out in the products’ natural habitats, as opposed to the sterile confines of a studio. It checks all of my boxes, including the one that makes me dribble on for way too long about a CNBC show.” —Kelly Larson

Jean-Claude Van Johnson on Amazon Prime
“Look at me with a straight face and tell me you’re not at least a little bit interested in an Amazon Prime pilot about a global action movie star named Jean-Claude Van Johnson (played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) who lives a double life as a secret agent. Promising, right? Especially if they can get some cameos from Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Sudden Death, Timecop, Double Impact, Lionheart, Hard Target, Universal Soldier...” —Adam Weinberg

Lydia Loveless: Real
“Lydia Loveless wraps her powerful country voice around a terrific new pop album called Real. Even when her band plays like they’re Sweetback or the Cure, her strong chords and confessional lyrics root each song in a tradition of country balladeers and put her in the pantheon of beautiful, clear strains found in American nightingales like Emmylou Harris and Loretta Lynn.” —Hadley Tomicki

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