A New Green Day Song Is Just What We Needed

That’s Why It’s in Our UD Five This Week

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here are five things that UrbanDaddy editors will be getting into this weekend. We call it... the UD Five.

Party Legends
“Viceland has a new animated show called Party Legends. It has celebrities telling their stories about doing stuff like ingesting too much acid, getting arrested in foreign countries and being stuck on stage naked with Nirvana. Highlights include Fred Armisen discussing his days in Blue Man Group and Bushwick Bill detailing the night he accidentally smoked PCP and lost his eye. Bushwick Bill really needs his own show.” —Hadley Tomicki

No Man’s Sky
“So what’s a 34-year-old guy with one kid (and another due in, oh, about a week) going to do with a space exploration game that took three years to develop, requires hundreds of hours to ‘beat’ (reportedly) and features a technique called ‘procedural generation’ that uses advanced mathematical algorithms to instantly create an endless amount of additional content? I’m not sure. Probably stare at the box. Hope it’s a good-looking box.” —Adam Weinberg

“Bang Bang”
“Green Day’s new single drops this Thursday. Anyway, it’s got me thinking: does anyone still care about Green Day? Will this new song be any good? How about the album? Will it hold a candle to 1994’s Dookie, a record that 10-year-old me listened to repeatedly on an actual disc? Has it really been 22 years since Dookie came out? Does Green Day have any fans who are too young to rent a car? Can a 44-year-old frontman wearing eyeliner lead a pop-punk band back to prominence? These are some questions I have a mild interest in receiving answers to.” —Kevin Gray

Atlanta Promos
“There’s a little less than a month before the debut of Atlanta, Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino’s) FX show about an up-and-coming rapper (Glover is not just the lead, but one of the exec producers on the project). To keep up the anticipation, this week FX released not one but six weird but compelling new promos. I still don’t know what the hell to expect from this show, but I’m certainly game to find out. You can check out all the promos on the FX YouTube channel.” —Chris LaMorte

The Men’s Cycling Road Race in Rio
“I used to watch cycling pretty often during and a little after the Armstrong years. It was kind of a thrill. But the taint of that whole era made me lose interest. Until I found myself in front of a TV over the weekend watching the men’s Olympic cycling road race, which included several laps around a steeply descending mountain curve that took out several of the favorites over the course of the race, including both the Italian and Colombian racers, two of the three sure medalists, on the final stretch. That was exciting enough. After that surprise crash, with a massive lead, Poland’s Rafal Majka, who made it through the descent, coughed it up to Belgian Greg Van Avermaet, a guy who wasn’t even supposed to finish the race, in the last quarter mile. The interesting part about the whole thing was, all the cyclists knew about the descent (the women’s race included an even more brutal crash, but it appears the rider will make a recovery). They had to make their calculations about how aggressive they’d be each time around. I’m back into cycling.” —Geoff Rynex

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