We Unleash Pokémon Go on Fashion Week

NYFW: Men’s Would Be Way More Fun if It Were Pokémon Go. So That’s What We’re Doing Here.

Sometimes you just can’t explain things.

Things like Pokémon Go.

Or things like Fashion Week.

And especially things like New York Fashion Week: Pokémon Go (™ pending), where we’re mashing up NYFW: Men’s with Pokémon Go to help guide you through these so-hot-right-now times.

Blame it on the fact that the entire world has been playing too much of this curious augmented-reality game or that we’ve just grown tired of the usual Fashion Week rigmarole—yes, sleep deprivation probably was a factor—but we’ve devised our own version of the LARP-y app in terms of NYFW: Men’s. Charizard-torialist. Frazzled-PR-mander. Yeah, we’re gonna catch ’em all.

The Charizard-torialist
Catch It: Snapping photos of off-duty models.

The Wannabe-street-style-Squirtle
Catch It: Pacing in front of Clarkson Square for hours.

The Random-blogger-from-Topeka-chu
Catch It: Instagramming every last damn thing it’s wearing this week.

The Frazzled-PR-mander
Catch It: At the show entrance, clipboard in hand.

The Mew-too-cool-for-school-celeb-kid
Catch It: Sitting on famous parent’s lap, front row.

The Mag-editor-mar
Catch It: Scoffing at being bumped to second row for a celeb’s kid.

The C-list-celeb-e-meleon
Catch It: Also scoffing. Or at a smaller-name show, trying to play A-lister.

The Buyer-basaur
Catch It: Looking well-dressed and mysteriously important.

The Sprezzily-puff
Catch It: Still clinging to double monks and way-too-hot-to-be-wearing Italian suiting.

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