We Unleash Pokémon Go on Fashion Week

NYFW: Men’s Would Be Way More Fun if It Were Pokémon Go. So That’s What We’re Doing Here.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Sometimes you just can’t explain things.

Things like Pokémon Go.

Or things like Fashion Week.

And especially things like New York Fashion Week: Pokémon Go (™ pending), where we’re mashing up NYFW: Men’s with Pokémon Go to help guide you through these so-hot-right-now times.

Blame it on the fact that the entire world has been playing too much of this curious augmented-reality game or that we’ve just grown tired of the usual Fashion Week rigmarole—yes, sleep deprivation probably was a factor—but we’ve devised our own version of the LARP-y app in terms of NYFW: Men’s. Charizard-torialist. Frazzled-PR-mander. Yeah, we’re gonna catch ’em all.

The Charizard-torialist
Catch It: Snapping photos of off-duty models.

The Wannabe-street-style-Squirtle
Catch It: Pacing in front of Clarkson Square for hours.

The Random-blogger-from-Topeka-chu
Catch It: Instagramming every last damn thing it’s wearing this week.

The Frazzled-PR-mander
Catch It: At the show entrance, clipboard in hand.

The Mew-too-cool-for-school-celeb-kid
Catch It: Sitting on famous parent’s lap, front row.

The Mag-editor-mar
Catch It: Scoffing at being bumped to second row for a celeb’s kid.

The C-list-celeb-e-meleon
Catch It: Also scoffing. Or at a smaller-name show, trying to play A-lister.

The Buyer-basaur
Catch It: Looking well-dressed and mysteriously important.

The Sprezzily-puff
Catch It: Still clinging to double monks and way-too-hot-to-be-wearing Italian suiting.

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