For Those Nights When Vegas Gets Too Vegas-y...

An Unpretentious Cocktail Lounge and Rooftop on Fremont

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The ringing slots.

The 3D club lasers.

The champagne bottles descending via drone.

Sure, certain things are inevitable in Vegas. But sometimes all you crave is an unpretentious lounge with good drinks, tree stump tables and a well-rounded cover band...

Speaking of, here’s VirtueVice—a place like the place we just described, open now every Friday and Saturday at the Venue Las Vegas. (Oh, hey there, Mr. Slideshow.)

Man. What a relief. You were growing weary there for a second, what with all the hardcore Vegas-ing and the not being right here taking it seriously easy in a big corner booth with vintage photos, a few friends and peachy vodka drinks topped with champagne.

Or atop their handsome little rooftop deck. Wander up there with those aforementioned friends for fresh air and downtown views. Then maybe a round of pineapple-y tequila Desert Roses could be in order. Maybe not. (Ha. Kidding.)

And another thing: if you’re coming at the end of the month, just know that you could be privy to a cover band that knows all the hits starting their Friday night residency.

Only time will tell if that’s a warning.


at The Venue Las Vegas
750 Fremont St
(between 7th and 8th)
Las Vegas, NV, 89101


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