Like Dining on a Terrace Over the Mediterranean

Except Inside an Ex-Intro Chef’s New Restaurant in River North

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Tonight, you dine on tuna crudo under twinkly lights nestled in ivy, on a terrace overlooking an impossibly blue stretch of the Mediterranean sea...

Sort of.


Because tonight, you dine at Ēma—an ex-Intro chef’s foray into Mediterranean spreads, wines, seafood and other fresh, summery things, open now in River North. You should probably take a look at this slideshow.

You can see yourself there already. Settling in for a leisurely dinner at a table by the window with some housemade bread, feta and sweet-roasted-chili hummus. A glass of Lebanese rosé on the way. Your eyes casting glances at a menu that looks a lot like this menu.

As first courses turn to seconds, you may feel torn between the beef tenderloin kebab and the grilled octopus. Take a moment. Look for inspiration in Julian Cox’s Savory Hunter, a mezcal drink spiked with harissa. The answer will come to you, and it will taste grand.

Another thing: should you feel the need to return for lunch (or picnic supplies), they’ll have rotisserie chicken, salads and spreads available from a to-go counter in a few weeks’ time.

Our money’s on you feeling that need.

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