Drink a Beer. Hang Out. Buy a Taxidermy Boar.

It’s a Bar. It’s an Antique Store. It’s Both.

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The bar stool you’re sitting on.

The German beer stein you’re drinking out of.

Abraham Lincoln’s death mask.


All can be yours, for a price, when you’re doing nothing in particular at ReBar, a funky-looking treasure trove of antique miscellany that also happens to serve beer and Old Fashioneds. It’s soft-open now in Antique Alley and, yes, everything’s for sale. (This slideshow, however, is not.)

We’ll let the numbers take it from here...

Number of vintage beer cans: 260

Number of home-bar-worthy beer steins: roughly 160

Odds that us saying “beer” twice is making you thirsty: not low

Price of the most expensive item: $1,500 (it’s an artist-crafted guitar)

Taxidermy boars in German hats: 1

Conversations that will be started as a result of that fact: lots

Months until you’re enjoying a world-famous John Mull’s meat sausage on their patio: 2-3

Percent chance you’ll drink a Jack and Coke out of a Mexican Coca-Cola bottle in an old red booth from the Silver Slipper casino: an oddly specific 76%

Drinks dubbed the After School Mule on this menu: 1

Chances your bargaining abilities improve as a result of drinking it: only one way to find out...

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