A Sub Shop. A Velvety Lounge. River North. Go.

A Grandmother-Approved Italian Spot Called Nonnina

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A sub shop to your right.

An updated 1950s-style dining room to your left.

A velvety lounge straight ahead.

Ah, yes. It would appear that Nonnina—the just-opened total revamp, re-concept, re-everything of Piccolo Sogno Due—has you surrounded.

Now, please stay calm as we equip you with an arsenal of facts designed to help you navigate this overwhelmingly Italian predicament.

First, a general note about the food.
The Piccolo Sogno folks enlisted a new chef to create a new menu inspired by grandma-approved recipes. The result: meatballs for lunch, pancetta-topped bucatini carbonara for dinner and wood-fired baked clams for whenever you want wood-fired baked clams.

About the new space...
Sure, it’s still an airy, white-tablecloth situation at its core. But now, they’ve upped the handsome retro vibe with a semiprivate dining room, modern-looking portraits of the owner’s grandmother and the like.

Also, there’s a lounge.
Velvet semicircular booths. White bean pizza. A few classic drinks. You. Your date. Textbook River North.

And a sub shop.
It’s your new spot for to-go steak sandwiches, prosciutto-and-buffalo-mozzarella paninis and other Italian comestibles.

Do slideshows count as a fact?
If so... here.

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