A Date-Night Success Story Waiting to Happen

Cherrywood-Smoked Ribs, Fried-Uni Shooters and Lots of Wine

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What we have for you today is a tiny little restaurant named Giant.


Seeing what they did there aside, this is the long-awaited, low-key date spot from ex-Nightwood chef Jason Vincent, and it opens next Friday in Logan Square.

You’ll notice there isn’t much real estate here. Just two yellow-accented gray banquettes lining opposite walls and a few stools in back that overlook the open kitchen. There’s also some cool diagonal wood paneling, exposed white brick and a very fitting Shel Silverstein poster. We’ll let the slideshow explain the rest.

The menu is pretty simple, if not easily definable. You may be feeling the cherrywood-smoked ribs slathered in their 40-ingredient BBQ sauce. Or the onion rings, which are battered with beer and instant mashed potatoes. Or perhaps even the fried-uni shooter. Such is the beauty of having decided to patronize a place like this.

In any event, you’ll have a formidable selection of wines and a focused menu of cocktails to choose from. An old-timey record player will handle the music. And at the end of the evening, you’ll contentedly take your date’s hand and reemerge into the Chicago summer night.

Just in case you didn’t already have that last part covered.

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