Press This Button for a Little Peace and Quiet

It’s Like a Do Not Disturb Sign for Your Life

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’re reading this, but there’s a good chance you shouldn’t be.

You should be making a spreadsheet, filing a report or writing the next Great American Novel.

But trust us: you’ve made the right choice.

Because we’re about to talk about Saent, a productivity device that is promising to finally let you get down to work by blocking all of life’s little distractions.

It looks just like a white button that sits on your desk.

But press it and a few things happen.

First, it filters out all incoming information flak you’re usually bombarded with—phone calls, emails, texts, social media alerts—for specific blocks of time. The idea is to give you a few uninterrupted minutes of breathing space to finally focus on your work and nothing else. It also will help block time-suck websites (you must confess your guilty pleasures to it).

Second, it glows—acting as a virtual Do Not Disturb sign so coworkers will know not to come up and ask you questions about your weekend.

Third, an angel gets its wings.

We assume.

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