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Step 1: Watch America’s Cup. Step 2: Go Here.

Neil Diamond Piano Karaoke and Paul McGee’s Champagne Punch at the CAA

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You’re now unnecessarily primed for Cherry Circle Yacht Club—a very nautically themed pop-up bar at the Chicago Athletic Association built in honor of America’s Cup, which graces the waters of Lake Michigan for the first time ever this weekend. It opens today in the Tank.

You’ll probably stroll in here after checking out the race, wearing a striped shirt, boat shoes and/or neither of those things. Three walls have been erected in the middle of the space, so as to make this look like a normal room (though it’s really more like a ’70s movie set).

And Paul McGee, nice guy that he is, has concocted a few drinks for you here, including a pineapple-y champagne punch and a nice curaçao-and-rum libation. Drinking one on the couch while nodding along to the soothing melodies of yacht rock would be wise. Especially given your proclivity to nodding.

Of course, if you can’t make it this weekend, you can always swing by next Friday or Saturday, when the fine New Yorkers from Sid Gold’s Request Room take over to perform Neil Diamond piano karaoke.

The best part about that last sentence is that it’s not a joke.


Cherry Circle Yacht Club
at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel
12 S Michigan Ave
(between Monroe and Madison)
Chicago, IL, 60603


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