FireFin Poké Shop

It Seems We’ve Reached Peak Lunch

Rodelio Aglibot’s Poké Shop Washes Up in the Financial District

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Tomorrow, 12pm: You’re in the Loop, and this weather has you craving something light. Something fresh. Something coastal.

Tomorrow, 12:05pm: Bliss.

Apparently this is what happens when FireFin Poké Shop happens. It’s Rodelio Aglibot’s new fast-casual poké joint (the first freestanding one of its kind in the city), and it’s open for speedy lunchtime diversions right this very moment in the Financial District.

Now, let’s do some filling-in-the-blanks for that above scenario...

12:00:01: Assuming you’ve read this, Tomorrow-You is en route to FireFin. Good looking out, Tomorrow-You.

12:01:00: You arrive to the sound of Hawaiian reggae and views of their fish shipped in directly from Hawaii. You see exactly this.

12:01:30: After weighing the pros and cons between the Tuna on Fire bowl (ahi tuna, pickled jalapeños and fire sauce) and the “Warrior”-style bowl (a sweet-oniony mix of salmon, crab, albacore and ahi tuna), you opt for the latter. You only poké-bowl-for-the-first-time once.

12:01:31-12:04:30: Those bar stools aren’t going to sit on themselves.

12:04:31: You pick up your food, some seaweed and a housemade hibiscus-ginger-honey tea.

12:05:00: Now we’re just repeating ourselves.

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