Memorial Day Weekend Is Imminent

So Here’s Your Shirt, Grill and Playlist

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
We’ve spent the past few weeks slowly and strategically preparing you for the holiday weekend with an array of handsome camp shirts, summer-leaning playlists and barbecue essentials.

Maybe you noticed.

And now, here you are, ready as ever to tackle all things Memorial Day weekend.

But before we all head off on our own beer-fueled, grill-involving, more-American-than-not ways, let’s take a look back at what we’ve learned...

You’re going to need a good playlist.
So for your (and your barbecue guests’) listening pleasure, here’s this one full of defining summer songs from the past 50 years. Because it’s time Olivia Newton-John and Nelly made the same list.

Next up, something to wear.
Just 10 of the best shirts to leisure in this season, whether you’re manning a grill or manning a hammock. So leisure well, and leisure often.

About those grills...
This collection of unnecessarily attractive and competent grills will treat you right when you’re cooking burgers this weekend. Or next weekend. Or in 2018.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the narwhal skewers.
Nice grills just sort of demand the perfect apron, antler-handled spatulas and narwhal skewers. So here are those.

And lastly...
Let’s direct your attention back to the Girls of Summer Movies 2016. Because it’s a visually pleasing tribute to the ladies you’ll see on screen this summer. And Memorial Day’s just about the most official unofficial start to summer there is.

Okay, off you go.

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