Soaring Experiences Key West

Casa Marina’s Sending Seaplanes to Fetch You Now

Hitching a Ride to Key West on a Champagne-Equipped Seaplane

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Key West is great.

The salty breezes. The stunning ocean views. The gridlocked holiday treks. The daiquiri-fueled antics of people with a proclivity for rooftop nudity.

Key West is mostly great.

Helping you to avoid any potential pitfalls this long weekend: Soaring Experiences Key West. It’s a package from Casa Marina that enlists the help of a seaplane to fly you directly to their pier, and they’re taking reservations now. Here’s the slideshow.

You’ll start by placing a call to Casa Marina and letting them know that you require the services of something that won’t get caught behind a six-axle trailer on US 1. That’s when they’ll ask you to head to your preferred Florida airport and await the cavalry.

Which will look a lot like a seaplane since it’s a seaplane. A private one where a healthy amount of champagne consumption will likely occur. You and a date will board the flight, toast the crowded roads below and find yourselves looking at Casa Marina’s pier before you know it.

You’ll be escorted to a private beach. People will be waiting with beverages. Someone will snap a photo. You’ll head back to your oceanfront room and find two pairs of aviator sunglasses, which you’ll put on before continuing to do things.

Like not sitting in traffic.


Soaring Experiences Key West
at Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
1500 Reynolds St
Key West, FL, 33040


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