Five Ways to Have the Most Don Draper Summer of Your Life

This Auction Will Turn You into the Well-Bronzed Ad Man We Always Knew You Could Be

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Don Draper.

Remember that nut? Tall. Dark. Brooding. Smoked poolside. Probably left cigarette ashes all over the goddamn patio. Oh, Don.

Well, it’s been a year since his TV show ended (you also probably remember that he was a fictional character, right?), so we figured you might be feeling nostalgic for some Mad Men–style nostalgia.

Which brings us to the part where we tell you about this auction of that TV show’s props. Yes, there was one last year, you may recall. (If not, this should jog your memory.)

The timing is actually pretty great. With only one measly weekend standing between you and the glorious summer ahead, we thought you might pick up a few items that might give summer 2016 the Kodachrome hues of 1965.

But for crying out loud, use an ashtray if you’re going to smoke outside.

Here are our top five picks:

His sunglasses: These season 6 Ray-Bans will protect your stern-but-sensitive eyes between meetings or on a Hawaiian beach.

His trunks: The blue swim shorts. Only two human males have ever really been able to make these work: Draper and your grandpa. We like your odds of being the third.

His beach read: Nothing says “brooding intellectual trapped in a suburban existential nightmare of his own making” like sitting around reading a well-worn paperback copy of The Inferno while on the beach. Oh, and neat: this one comes with a carbon copy of his fake plane ticket.

His grill: You thought Draper was a briquette man? This vintage electric Dutchess grill proves once and for all you will never truly understand Don Draper. Stop trying. And also, how do you want your burger?

His 1964 Chrysler Imperial: Imagine you in this cherry-red baby. Just zipping along. Carefree. Top down. Beach Boys on the radio. A beautiful someone in the passenger seat. Not wearing a seat belt. Hey, we said carefree, didn’t we?

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