The Most Vegas-y Golf Experience Ever

Microchipped Balls, Rooftop Cabanas and Peanut-Butter-Pork-Belly Burgers

Photo: Linda Evans
Contrary to popular belief, beautiful slideshows are not always capable of capturing a place in its entirety.

Indeed, even when they involve peanut-butter-and-pork-belly-topped burgers, multiple pools and a driving range looking out onto the Strip, pictorial evidence can fall tragically short.

Our case in point: the new flagship location of Topgolf, a golfing-plus-drinking-plus-just-hanging-out venue so immensely immense and multifaceted that we had to break it down for you with numbers.

Here they come now...

8: Acres Topgolf occupies behind MGM Grand.

105,000: Square feet of sheer joy inside, spread across four stories.

108: Climate-controlled hitting bays for playing six interactive golf games (using their special microchipped golf balls).

300: TVs.

1: Mobile sportsbook for placing bets while watching the game on said TVs.

5: Bars at which to drink Old Fashioneds, boozy Arnold Palmers and other libations.

3: Rooftop cabanas of the unbelievably scenic persuasion.

2: Actual pools.

0: Clues you have as to why there are pools here.

900: Guests their concert venue, the Yard, can hold.

Like, a billion: Delightfully cushioned areas to lounge around in while enjoying short rib tacos, salumi flatbreads and that peanut-butter-and-pork-belly-topped burger.

19: Reasons to jump back into this slideshow.

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