A Big Book of Beaches

An Autographed, Gold-Foiled, Limited-Edition Copy of One Photographer’s Finest Photos

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Normally, “required summer reading” is a book you can read at the beach.

But sometimes it’s just a book of beaches. Like this photo book aptly titled Beaches by LA-based photographer Gray Malin.

If you don’t recognize his name, you could probably recognize his photos from when we featured them on our Instagram here and here. Malin’s style is mostly intensely colorful and unique images of places you want to be.

But since Instagrams do not work on coffee tables, now there’s this. It’s 144 pages of aerial shots of beaches in 20 cities on six continents. Places like Miami, Rio de Janeiro, the Amalfi Coast and Dubai. We hear the Antarctica beach scene is pretty dull.

If you were smart, you’d get the collector’s edition. It would be one of only 1,000 copies. The cover would be pressed with gold foil, and the title page would be signed and numbered by Malin himself.

You’d leave it on your coffee table, and after a feeling of wanderlust, you’d flip it open to a random page and say, “I’m going here.” (Get a head start on that endeavor with this slideshow.)

And just hope you didn’t open up to the title page.

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