An Essential Guide to All Things Fitness

Training Montages, Instagram Trainers, Spiked Juices and Other Summer-Body Essentials

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
T-minus one and a half months.

That’s precisely approximately how much time you have until the summer pool party invites start rolling in.

It’s just enough time to explore the Fitness Guide: a comprehensive site containing everything you need to get (or keep) your body in exceptional shape for the season that gently demands such a thing. And, sure, some things that won’t do that at all.

Think: the hardest workouts on earth, the most sage advice on your core from some of the most fit people on Instagram, the best training montages in cinematic history, the suit alterations that can be done when you’ve added some muscle, the many tasty ways to spike your green juice...

You’re starting to like the sound of this.

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